Stepping Out Bracelet Pattern

Materials for Stepping OUt Bracelet Pattern:   32 SuperDuos 60 Melon Beads, 3 mm 10  11/o Toho Round Seed Bead Thread of choice Clasp

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Estrellas Necklace Pattern

Materials for Estrellas Necklace Pattern: 24 CzechMates QuadraTiles 59 SuperDuos 14 – 6mm Fire Polish Beads 34 – 4mm Fire Polish Beads 10 – 2mm Fire Polish Beads 59 – 3mm Round Beads 30 – 4mm Roung Beads 60 – … Read More

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Fair Isle Bracelet Pattern

Materials for Fair Isle Bracelet Pattern: 52 CzechMate Bars 50 SuperDuos, color 1 20 SuperDuos, color 2 69 – 2mm Round Beads 20 Drop Beads, 6x4mm 11/o Toho Round Seed Beads Thread of choice Clasp of choice jump rings (optional)

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Fireworks Pendant Pattern

Materials for Fireworks Pendant Pattern: 24 CzechMates Crescents 48 SuperDuo 46 – 2mm Fire Polish Beads 24 Toho 11/o Round Seed Beads 111 Toho 11/o Demi Rounds 44 Toho 8/o Demi Rounds Thread of choice Necklace Chain of Choice

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Step it Up Bracelet Pattern

Materials for Step it Up Bracelet Pattern: 60 CzechMates Bricks 31 CzechMates Crescents 30 – 2mm Fire Polish 60 – 3mm Melon Round Beads 1 gr – 11/o Toho Demi Round Seed Beads 1 gr – 8/o Toho Demi Round … Read More

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Duets with Diamonds Bracelet Pattern

Materials for Duets with Diamonds Bracelet Pattern: 24g SuperDuo Duets 40 SuperDuo, Color A 5 SuperDuo, Color B 2g Toho 11 Round Seed Beads 2g Toho 8 Round Seed Beads Thread of choice Clasp

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Papillion Round Beaded Bead Pattern

Materials for Papillion Round Beaded Bead Pattern: 1g Toho 15 Round Seed Beads 50 SuperDuo Duets 24 2mm Fire Polish or Round (Druk) Beads 12mm Round wood Bead Thread of choice

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Riss Necklace Pattern

Materials for Riss Necklace Pattern: 2g 8/o Round Seed Beads 2g 11/o Round Seed Beads 120 Ring Beads 20 4mm Bicones 60 Arcos Beads 50 SuperDuo Beads 20 Pip Beads 20 4mm Round (Druk) Beads Clasp of choice Thread of … Read More

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Sun King Pendant Pattern

Materials for Sun King Pendant Pattern: 5g Delicas 11 14 Half Moon Beads 21 SuperDuo, Color 1 7 SuperDuo, Color 2 28 Trinity Beads 21 2-Hole Tile Beads 1g 11 Round Seed Beads 28 Honeycomb Beads Chain Clasp of choice

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SuperDuo Honeycomb Bangle Pattern

Materials for SuperDuo Honeycomb Bangle Pattern: 2g Toho 11 Round Seed Beads 20g SuperDuo or SuperDuo Duets 36 Honeycomb or Honeycomb Jewel Beads Optional 75 2mm Fire Polish Beads Thread of choice

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Carousel Beaded Beads Pattern

Materials for Carousel Beaded Beads Pattern: For one bead 10 Honeycomb Beads 5 SuperDuos 5 – 4mm Fire Polish Beads 11/o seed beads 8 lb Fireline, or thread of choice

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Wheel of Fortune Earrings Pattern

Materials for Wheel of Fortune Earrings Pattern: 4 grams SuperDuos 11/o seed beads 15/o seed beads 100 – 2mm Fire Polish Beads 2 – 8mm (ss39) Chaton 2 Swarovski 6000, 13×6.5 mm Earrings Hooks Choice of Thread

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