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Gingko Leaf Wreath Pendant Pattern

Materials for Gingko Leaf Wreath Pendant Pattern: 18 Ginko Beads 9 Pinch Beads, 5 x 3mm 9 Toho 8/0 round seed beads 1 gr Toho 11/0 round seed beads 1 gr. Toho 15/o round seed beads, color 1 1 gr. … Read More

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Sweet Alyssum Bracelet TrendSetters Holiday Workshop 2017
Sweet Alyssum Bracelet Pattern

Materials for Sweet Alyssum Bracelet Pattern: 52 Round Bead, 6mm 38 Melon Bead, 3mm 68 Pinch Bead, 3/5mm 2 gr Toho 11/o Round Seed Beads Thread of choice Choice of Clasp

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