Lilies on the Water Bracelet Pattern

Materials for Lilies on the Water Bracelet Pattern: 36 Mini Daggers, 2x5mm 8 – 2mm Round Beads 4 gr. – 11/o Toho Demi Round Seed Beads 36 MiniDuo Beads 6 – 6mm Round BEads Thread of choice Choice of Clasp

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PTN-NS11-Sonoran Sun by Nichole Starman
Sonoran Sun Bracelet Pattern

Materials for Sonoran Sun Bracelet Pattern: 110 Mini Daggers, 2.5x6mm 90 Small Daggers, 3x10mm 8/o Toho Round Seed Beads 5 – Cushion Round Beads, 14mm Thread of choice Clasp of choice

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Sunray Earrings Pattern

Materials for Sunray Earrings Pattern: 18 CzechMates Triangles 18 CzechMates QuadraTiles 18 4mm Fire Polish Beads 32 Mini Daggers, 2.5/6mm 2 Pear-Shaped Drops, 12/16mm 2 grams 15/o Seed Beads 2 Earring Findings 2 Beading Needles Thread of choice

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Tansy Necklace Pattern

Materials for Tansy Necklace Pattern: 10grams (50) Half Moon Beads 150 2mm Fire Polish Beads 50 3mm Fire Polish 9 grams (50) Kheops par Puca 10 grams (150) SuperDuos 2.5 grams O Beads or Ring Beads 3.5 grams each 2 … Read More

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Palmetto Necklace Pattern

Materials for Palmetto Necklace Pattern: 70 CzechMates Lentils, color 1 70 CzechMates Lentils, color 2 140 – 3mm Firepolish Beads 70 – 4mm Firepolish Beads 34 CzechMates Daggers 35 Mini Daggers 2.5/6mm 11/o Toho Seed Beads 8/0 Toho Seed Beads … Read More

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Dagger Duo Bracelet Pattern

Materials for Dagger Duo Bracelet Pattern: Toho Takumi Large Hole Seeed Beads, 9/o 80 SuperDuos 78 Mini Daggers 2.5/6mm clasp choice of stringing material

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